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    Muscle contusion in Wk 6.

    Could not get a scheduled shot of .75 Deca (300 mg) and .75 TEst 400 for five days. Usually 3.5 days apart. Had an accident where fell on one front pectoral muscle. Diagnosis from DR., is muscle contusion. When first fell on pectoral muscle, thought is was just a bruised rib. But next day, it was the Dr. saying could not let any other workouts without messing up the spot in the middle of the right Pec. Did do a workout for back and pecs before went to a DR, but next dayl, could hardly move, but it really hurt a lot. Should we let the body heal a few days, even if in the middle of Wk 6 cycle, or try to work on other body parts besides chest?

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    Dude I don't mean to be a dick but wtf did you just say? At the end your talking in third person.

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