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Thread: QV question

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    QV question

    This girl I know had the balls to go to down to Mexico to get her var. She bought two sealed in plastic boxes of 100 5mg Oxavet. After telling me the story I told her to wait up until I get some info for her.

    As mentioned both boxes were sealed with plastic. When she opened the first bottle it tore from the ring seal as most caps do, like on bottles of soda. But the second bottle did not. It just screwed off as one piece. The pills form both bottles look exactly the same.

    Do you think the var from the 2nd bottle was tampered with? Or does that happen with QV gear? I dont want her taking anything fake and risk getting sick.

    I hope its ok that I post the same thread in the gear forum.

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    Post some pics, or get them tested.

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    what are the tabs supposed to look like?

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    Common sense would tell you not to use the tampered with bottle. If your concerned get them tested. Personally with all the crap surrounding the mexican labs, I would stay clear of all their products. Since they were all busted, I have heard there are numerous fakes now circulating.

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