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    Prediction for Tijuana

    Hello there,

    I am a 15 year veteran of Tijuana and have seen it all down there. After this bust of the Vet steroid plants, the likely route that TJ and other border towns will go is with black market, counterfeit steroids . What this means is that dealers will copy the packaging and look of real, human grade juice and sell it to people across the border. This is kind of sad, because the "vet gear" was usually pretty effective and clean for most people. For those of you too young too remember, Tijuana used to be only counterfeit black market. This means fake steroids. You could find Searle Anavar , and a host of other compounds from Searle to Lilly to Sherring. Problem is, 95% were totally fake! This is what is likely to happen again if the vet companies are shut down. Scammers will start working on the labels of legit products and putting aspirin in the bottle. It was a dangerous time back then and I worry that it may be a dangerous time again. Anyone remember the little blue bottles of "Ludwig Heun, Germany" Dianabol ? Those were some dangerous days where it was 50/50 that you would get fake stuff. In about 1988, I bought some Anavar and the packaging and pills were SOOOOOO bad I just knew it was Aspirin. Problem is, take 8-9 aspirin and you could really hurt yourself. Just a warning for the time being, WATCH OUT FOR MEXICAN GEAR!!!!!!!!!!! This bust is going to spark up a bunch of fake stuff that looks like human grade. This happens over time when there is a big bust. Be very careful. You want gear from Mexico, here's what there is legit......Sustanon 250 preloads, Deca 50mg vials, cheap Dianabol, HCG , Cytomel , and a few other cheap things. But be VERY careful for the next month or so until we see how Mexico develops. Europe has some really good gear right now, stick with it and hold off on Mexico until their game comes back into prominence. It always will. Just be patient.


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    damn dog, r u serius... i was just about to go over n try to bring some back.. when did this whole bust thing occure?? wow, that really sadens me cuz i think thats the only place i can try to get something. n i kno its all a bunch of fakes too,. im just looking for a first cycle with redi ject sust.. cuz i was told thats about the only thing thats real.. is that true and just how can u bing it back?? walk thru the line or drive it back in a car sounds easier cuz when i went to rosarito, i went in my truck and the guy just looked at me and my buddy took our dls and my truck was loaded with all kinds of crap inside and out.. just waved us thru after i hoped out and said do u wanna get in and look?? the guy looked at me like i was crazy and just sayd no get back in ur truck and go. i was laffn my ass off cuz i cud of had kilos of drugs w me.. to bad i didnt stop by and get some roids and viagra!!!

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