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Thread: deca and winny

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    deca and winny

    I am 6'2 220 lbs. 20% bodyfat. I am not looking to gain alot of body weight just want to get bigger, leaner and stronger. What do you guys think about deca and winny for my first cycle.

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    Deca and Winny is a good first cycle;
    Week 1-5 200mgs-400mgs of Deca(I would do the 400mgs a week).
    Week 1-6 50mg Winny ED.
    Week 8 Start Clomid 300mg first day, 100mg 10days, 50mg 10days.
    You should be fine with that, MAKE sure you Do Not do Deca alone.
    -East Coast

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    400 mg deca a week for 10 weeks
    50 mg winnie ed weeks 6-12
    Start clomid three days after last winnie dose.

    Deca takes like 3-4 weeks to kick in so there is no point in doing a 5 weeek deca cycle.

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