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    Question:Time elapsed between cycles?

    My stats; 6'1 205 pounds 9% b/f been lifting for about 8 years now. My question is that I just got off a small cycle of deca 200mgs a week along with 150 mg of Zambon Winny a week(silly cycle, but I like to go small). I was only on that for 5 weeks mainly because the deca made me hold too much water. I also did a post clomid cycle that I am off today, 300mg first day, 100mgs 10 days and 50mgs 10 days. Now I feel a little fat and I want to start a pure winny cycle for the summer, I am going to do 50mg ed of Zambons. Now how long should I start before starting it. Because I just start now I will be on gear for 9 weeks and that seems like a long time. What are you thoughts?
    -East Coast

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    may want to touch up your question a little bit. no flame but its hard to understand what your asking. If you want to know if 9wks is a long cycle the answer is not really, depending on the drugs you use? For ex. eq doesn't really start to work to its full potential until after 3wks. with the doses you're talking about nine wks should be no problem. However, I won't take the winny for more than 6wks. just my opinion though. I'm just giving you a little bit to think about until some the savvy users reply to your post. peace

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    If you were only on cycle for 5 weeks...your time off should start the day u started clomid..which should have been 3 weeks after your last shot of deca ..count 5 weeks from day one of clomid and do not run winny no longer than 6 weeks if that =\

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