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    should i slim down before first cycle??

    ive been slimming down for a few mounths now. i used to be 230, 30% bodyfat. now im 208 17% bodyfat. 6ft 2 in. im about to start my first cycle but i REALLY dont want to get bad strech marks if i can avoid it. should i keep cutting? i want to slim down anyways because my goal is to have a 6 pack and muscles.

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    Its great work that you have lost so much bf already but we need some more information really.

    Like, your stats (Age etc), Training history (How long you been doing it!), your diet etc etc.

    Simply put you cant gain muscles AND lose bf (At least not at any appreciable level) so you have to do one at a time. As for stretch marks.... we all have them to some degree and there is no easy way to avoid them!

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