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    will deca raise the testosterone level in a blood test?

    I am going to have blood work done in 6 weeks. I just started stacking deca 340 mg on Saturday to 200 mg of testosterone depo cyip. Will the testosterone level in my blood work by higher due to me taking deca too? I am having trouble asking my question. I know that injecting testosterone depo cyip raises the test level and can been read in blood work. How is the deca read in blood work? Is it just another form of testosterone and the two (testosterone depo cyip and deca depo) work together in raising the testoserone level?

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    Hello there mate,
    I've read your posts with interest over the last few weeks and have found them very interesting. To my knowledge nandrolone and its metabolites do not cross react with testosterone when assayed. Although there will be no cross reaction the metabolites of nandrolone are easily detected and remain in the system a long time (over a year I believe). If your doc thinks to look for them he'll find them easily enough. They will not however, raise the testosterone levels he observes when doing your routine checks.

    Nandrolone can aromatise to oestrogen, though to a lesser degree than testosterone. You may therefore find your oestrogen levels become elevated relative to when you were on testosterone only.

    I know it's hard to do mate but I would talk this over with your doc and explain your feelings on use of these compounds. This may be better than trying to add additional drugs without his knowlege. If he's in the dark he could easily misinterpret what's going on and advise/act inappropriately.

    I used deca once but found it shut me down hard and for a long time. If I ever stack in future I'll replace nandrolone with boldenone .

    Hope this is of some help mate.

    Good luck.
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