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    Is it ok to take clomid capsules and half them by taking the powder inside?

    Is it ok to take the clomid capsules appart and take the clomid powder inside and put half of it in a glass and drink it with water? I am trying to take 25 mg per day and the capsules are 50 mg.

    I dont have any trouble spliting the powder into half I just dont know if taking the powder with water is OK? Does the clomid get into the system in the stomach or does it need to be in the capsule and disolve in the intestine?


    I just got a pm back from a member that I really respect and all and was told it was ok to half the powder and drink with water. Thanks member. WIll not list your name since we talked private. Thanks bro....

    Did have one concern- anybody here of clomid coming in powder form from a compounding pharmacy rather than tabs?
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