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    Question Sus 250/deca300 stack (question)

    This is what I have,

    25 shots of test 250 TT

    10 shots of Deca 300 TT

    Also 220 d-bols.(I don't know if I am going to do them.)

    this is all I can afford right now so, do you guys think I should run 500 a week of the sus and 300 of the deca, Or 750 of the sus and 300 of the deca? Also If I don't use the d-bols will I still have good results with the test and deca. I am 5'9 183 and in pretty decent shape, I eat well and work hard, so can you guys give me some help on my dosages and thoughts if this is an alright cycle etc. This is my second cycle and my first was the same but only ran for 7 weeks, and I only had 12 shots of sus/10 of deca. Thank You

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    500/300 will be fine....y not the d-bol?, Im starting to wish that I would have thrown them in my test/deca cycle, I would at least give them a try if I were you.

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    A few questions. How much a week are you going to take of each. I assume 250mg a week of Sus and 300 of deca per week?
    Yes yes yes, go with the dbol for the first 4 weeks to jump start your cycle. The test and the deca won't even get kicked in till about 4 weeks into your cycle. The Dbol is fast acting and will allow you to see gains, and then by the time you finish your dbol, the other longer acting AS (Deca/Sus) will just start kicking in.
    Personally I would run this kind of cycle like this:

    Week 1=10 250-500 Sustanon (if you do 500 a week, I would inject every 3-4 days)
    Week 1-10 300-600 deca
    week 1-4 Dbol (35-50mg) a day. Try to split the dosage up ever 4 hours, throughout the day. Dbol has about a 4 hour half life.
    Hope this helps bro.

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    Week 1-10 Sustanon 500mg (1 shot Mon, 1 on Thurs)
    Week 1-10 Deca 300mg (pick a day!)
    Week 1-4 Dbol 40mg ED (assuming 5mg tabs, you will be 4 short--oh well!)

    That'll do you well!

    Alternately: Run the Sustanon 'till it's gone (12.5 weeks).

    Have anti-e's on hand (500mg of Sustanon could easily cause gyno).

    Clomid 3 weeks after your last injection.

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