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    ?Im 20 years old lookin for advice on winstrol?

    I see that uses guys have been discussing the proper ages to begin. I have been considering taking a Winstrol cycle just to help myself cut up, for the research I have done I understand that winstrol is one of the safer ways to go with less side effects then others. Id like any advice uz older guyz would like to give on whether or not u think this is a bad or good idea, suggesting cycles, etc. Thanks guyz hope to here from u soon.

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    well phatdick,all i can say is winny alone isnt going to do much at all.
    im not going to give you the speech on age.but if i were you i would hit it heavy natural for another yr or 2 and do all the research on all the diffrent types of gear,anties,clomid,needle sizes,liver protectants,kidney protection,hair loss,acne contol,and all the other related side effects and precautions before you go doing anything.

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