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    For those of you that have cycled sus and eq

    for those of you that have cycled both sus and eq in the same cycle.. what were your gains like? how many mg's of each did you do per week?

    did you split both shots into somthing like sunday/wesnday?

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    I will tell you i about 8 more weeks...I just started my 3rd week of 500 mgs sust and 400 mgs. Eq...wks 1-4 dbol 40 mgs. also and wks 8-12 winny will be added in. I shoot Sun. and Wed. I am up about 8lbs so far from the dbol.

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    I did the same cycle as hitnthajunk, I gained 21lbs and kept 15lbs. I could have kept more, but I started some serious cardio towards the end!

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