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    when do gains start dropping?

    Hey bros, Just wanted to know when gains start to drop off after cycle?
    What weeks generally. And roughly when do they stop so you can average out how much you've lost.

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    id say about 2-3 weeks afterwards is when ive lost em...if u take clomid ull lose ALOT less

    i learned that after cycle one.....

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    Well it depends what you were taking. If it's Sust and Deca , the Deca stays active for about another 1 1/2 to 2 weeks after your last one and the Sust will go about 3-4 weeks before it's done. So there's no clear answer to this. If you want to keep more of your gains post-cycle then take Clen with your Clomid. The Clen is a good anticatabolic. If you had some extra money then you could run Primobolan at 200mgs/wk for 4-6 weeks after your main cycle is over. This will help solidify the gains you got and minimize any losses. Also take Clomid during this time of course.

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