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    Just finshed 8 week bulking cycle....what should I do now?

    Im actually in the last week of an eight week cycle of Sus/250 mg and Deca /300 mg. I gained about 20 lbs. Right now Im 6'2" is about 13-14%. Im obviously gonna continue to eat and train the way I have been and start clomid in 3 weeks. My final goal is to get to about 195 at 6-8% body fat so I obviously need to do another bulking cycle. After my clomid should I continue to bulk naturally until my next bulking cyle and cut later or should I cut in between bulking cycles. Also how long should I wait till I do my next cycle?

    Thanks for any advice

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    My opinion (and it's just that, an opinion--get more and make your own decision):

    Post-clomid, work on losing some BF until your next cycle, then bulk!

    (Don't start a diet until you finish the Clomid, you will risk losing the muscle you gained if you start the diet before your natural test. production is restored.)

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