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Thread: Fbi

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    What's a rusty trombone?


    The big news report today seems to be on the re-organization of the FBI. Their new focus will now be on preventing terrorism. As part of the reports I've heard, they said they will be hiring 900 new agents and transferring 500 existing agents from areas such as drug enforcement.

    Does anyone think this will make things easier for getting some juice?

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    I don't think so because, drugs are apart of terrisom according to the authorities. I think that drugs will be hit harder if anything. Although it could also go the other way because too much emphasis may be put on terrisom in regards to gettin intelligence on attacks and things of that nature. I guess what I'm saying is that it could go either way.

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    God, I dunno whats worse, those anti-drug commercial or those anti-smoking commercials.

    Stupid idiots dont seem to understand that the only reason drug money funds terrorism is because drugs are ILLEGAL! Legalizing would solve so many organized crime problems, and instead of drug money funding terroristist, taxes from drug money would fund public schools and other good causes.

    Obviously Im pro-gear, and I have been know to smoke a lil bit of ganj every so often, and I will always beleive its every human's right to do with thier body as they please. Sometimes those anti-smoking commercials make me wanna light up, they're that lame. Grrrr

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