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    Cool Need Help With Dbol An Test. Susp. Cycle

    Hey i just got 200 tabs of Russian Dbol and 20ml of Test. Suspension and 60 clomid pills. I'm 20 years old 5'11, 175lb, 9%bf. I took my first cycle a year ago , Test200 , and recovered good , kept alotta gains. But now i wanna make this second cycle really good , gains and strength both.
    my friend recommended this cycle:
    week 1 5 dbol tabs/day
    week 2 5 dbol tabs/day
    week 3 6 dbol tabs/day
    week 4 6 dbol tabs/day
    week 5 6 dbol tabs/day
    week 6 400mL TS
    week 7 400mL TS
    week 8 400mL TS
    week 9 400mL TS
    week 10 300mL TS
    clomid 3 pills/day for 3 weeks.

    Do you guys think this is a good cycle ?
    I can get Deca , Clen and Eq. would that help me to keep my gains after aLL that fuckin testosterone ?

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    KrazyRussian if you can i would try and get some more test and run weeks 1-10 at 400 mg's a week you will see much better results. You also said that you could get some deca or eq. either one of thse will stak great with test. so i would run something like this test 400mg's a week 1-10, deca/eq 400mg's a week 1-10, and leave your d-bol like you have it to help kick start your cycle.

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    what mg/ml is the suspension?
    it should be taken everyday,same as dbol .
    if it 100 mg/ml i would take (100 mg ed) but if its only your 2nd cycle .5 or half a ml ed being 50 mg ed.that would give you 40 days worth
    and run the dbol at 30 mg ed throughout the entire cycle.
    just remember 1 thing,you are using 2 of the fastest acting products out there , and will get big quick.and my theroy is easy come easy go.
    you can take clomid 3 days out of this cycle

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    id surely run deca with it at about 400mg/wk. the test has to be run from the start and i believe id run the d-bol at 6 a day from the first and on.

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