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Thread: clomid question

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    clomid question

    hi, i was hoping someone could help me out, i read the educational posts about clomid, but i am still unsure of how to take it with the cycle i am on. i am taking deca -400mg/wk, test cyp.-250mg/wk, and dbol -25mg/day. any advice would be appreciated. thanks.........

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    I'm in here with the rest of YOU!
    You should take it three weeks after your last shot!
    asuming that you running dbol for the first 4 weeks!

    Most say to take:
    300mg first day then
    150mg for week 1
    100mg for week 2
    50mg for week 3

    I personally took:
    150mg for first five days
    100mg for the next five days
    50mg for the last five days

    The only reason, I had a limited supply of 30 tabs!

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    Start the Clomid 3 weeks after you finish the Deca , 2 weeks after you finish the Test. Cyp or 1 day after the dbol --whichever date is the latest.

    You need a total of 36 50mg pills: 300mg (6 tabs) the first day, then 100mg (2 tabs) daily for 10 more days, followed by 50mg (1 tab) daily for 10 more days. If you take more than 1 tab a day, better to space them out over the day.

    That's it!

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    Sounds like good advice from ajax and 03733 (what does this mean ???he he). My experience, my doc has me taking the clomid 25 mg each day since my program had to be adjusted. I am taking hgh so I cant take nolvadex due to the igf-1 interaction. I am also doing test cyp 200 mg per week, 340 mg deca per week. 10 iu's hgh per week.

    I just wanted to get clarification on this. the drup profile says that, "A conversion into estrogen, that means an aromatizing process, is possible with deca-durabolin but occurs at a lower rate than ex: testosterone "

    I just read that someone said deca converts to progesterone (sp) what up with this???????

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