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    test prop vs anavar for women

    I read a few places that test prop at about 40mg/week was pretty effective for women with few sides. has anybody here any knowledge about whether this is true? If so could you compare it to anavar in terms of mass, cut, sides and whatnot?

    Also not having squat experience in test prop, can you use a insulin needle instead of intramuscular. having to inject that stuff every other day would be a literal pain in the ass.

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    I am not gonna recommend that she does test prop without having her first do a lot of background research. That being said I have a good friend (female) who has used and is using prop at 40mg/week and is having GREAT results. Sides are minimal and the only thing noticable is a slightly deeper voice. She is very feminine looking and the is NO WAY you would ever say she is masculine.

    As far as slin needles go...nope, won't work. They are too small and they don't go into the muscle far enough. I use a 23g and was shooting everyday with no problem (you can't go any smaller than 25g and even that's a struggle to push through). Just make sure you rotate injection sites. R-L glute, R-L quads, R-L delts

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    Might want to run the 50mg week prop by some of the female members here. Really not sure what effective and safe dose of test is for females.

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