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    Talking switching my cycle, wanna know what u think?

    bros do u think i should do 300mg of deca , 250mg omny a week for 8 weeks with dbol weeks 1-4 or ganabol{eq} 300mg, 250mg test enatathe instead. also with dbol.

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    iam assuming your looking to bulk up?

    is this your first cycle?

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    Give us some background on you; help us help you.

    What is your: Age? Height? Weight? BF%? How long have you been training? Have you done steroids before? If so--what kind of cycles have you done? What are your goals?

    Soem thoughts while we wait the answers to your questions:

    1) Test Enathate is a far better choice than Omnadren for sure. Omna injected 1X weekly is mostly wasted; you get a rush of testosterone at the beginning and you test. levels drop pretty low in the days before your next injection.

    2) EQ is probably better than Deca , but Ganabol is 50mg/ml which means you have to shoot 6CCs a week to get 300mg--abd that's a lot if you aren't used to injecting. (6CCs is either 2 x 3CC shot (big!) or 3 x 2CC shot.)

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    ajax you still the man i was going to ask the same thing
    also i think you need more test than that at least 400mg per week

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