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    "What do you think about my Duratest/Deca/Dbol Cycle"

    i posted this thread b4 jus not eith a good subject title and i haventbegan the cycle yet......i jus got my next cycle together and i wanted to ask some of the pros what they thought about it and how i should take it....i got 20 duratast amps 250mg...2 bottles of deca ttokkyo300mg...and 200 dbol the romanians 5mg/ tryin t pack on some serious size im about 185lbs 6'1" with a pretty good bf that im not sure about.... any advice or comments(good or bad) will be taken u guys think there is anything i can add and what do u think the gains from this kind of cycle will be

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    sus 500mg week 1-10 (split up injections to at least twice a week)
    deca 450mg week 1-10 (might as well split these up as well)
    dbol 30mg week 1-4

    Gains are up to you. Good luck

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    dura at 500mg for 10 weeks is perfect
    is the deca 10cc bottles?-1 cc 2x per week-600mg may be a little much so the 3/4 cc 2 x per week is good
    can mix dura and deca in same syringe so only 2 shots of 1 and 3/4 cc each per week
    also dbol at 30mg per day 4 weeks looks good

    all that to say i agree with dizzy

    make sure to have clomid and start it 3 weeks after last injection

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    i have a friend on that same cycle minus tha dbol and he put on about 25 lbs i dont know what he kept but when i saw him last he looked preety swole so that looks good bro.

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