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    Question if i could get anything, what is the best cylce for keeping all the gains?

    that is my question please give me some experieces. i weigh 185 and want to gain 15 pounds of pure muscle

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    I am doing hgh. hgh, you will not lose your gains, but its very costly and takes 3 months to see results and need to take for at least 6 months. Usually requires a doc script and blood work for domestic pharmacy.

    Bump for others that might chime in on something like test cyp and deca with clomid and hcg . ????

    btw I would post your age and other stats for better help.

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    Originally posted by androplex
    btw I would post your age and other stats for better help.
    Yep...age, height, weight, training experience, diet, cycle history (and "I've taken lots of dbols and sust" doesn't count). Do you know how to put a cycle together? If not be honest, if you want help we can give it, but answer our questions first and don't try to be a smart guy.

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    anavar and primo would probably be the best choices...I'd throw in some test...

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