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Thread: Fina Gain?

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    Fina Gain?

    Hey everyone i have a question. Right now i'm in my bulkin cycle. sus and dbol ... i was gonna do fina winni and clembuterol... next... also i think people recommend test enthenate or was it cyp? and why do they recommend it? Anyway with that cycle will I GAIN msucle mass. like i know i will but well i get really cut that it will bring me down to like 140lb? i was 136lb before i started the dbol sus. now in week 3 i'm in 150lb. so i just want to gain as much mass and build as much muslc as i can when i am on that weight and then cut up, but when i cut up say i'm 150lb, with the fina/winni/test/ will i gain muslce and be like 155lb but lower body fat?

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    dude im in no position to give advice on cycleing but if ur at 150 now u shouldnt be thinking about a cutting cycle id go bulk for a while unless u want to be light and ripped then i guess that would be a good idea but i would go bulk then cut later

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    what are your long term goals--if i was 150 area(which i was when i started training) and i wanted to get big say over 200lb area(which i am at 243--many years,cycles and hard training later) i would not worry about cut.
    you have to get past your weight goal to cut back to goal.
    ex: if you want to be a hard and cut 200lbs--cycle to you get to 220lb area then cut to 200 to maintain that weight and muscle.

    people say to do test with fina and deca to counter act deca/fina dick

    also enth or cyp really dont matter it depends on the person--but a winny,fina,test cycle should put hard lbs on with less bloat than with dbol and sus

    make sure you are eatting alot

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