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    Help with oral D-Bol cycle

    I am about to take an oral only D-Bol cycle. I was wondering what I need to take post cycle, when to start the doses, and how many mg a day for how long. Do I need anything else on hand just to be safe during my cycle to combat problems. I know there are a lot of post on the topic, but none of the directly adrress these questions. thanks in advance.

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    Bro, first off I would not recommend a d-bol only cycle. You probably will lose most of your gains. I would do a whole lot more research if I were you. You need clomid post cycle, and you need to have anti-e's on hand. Bro, AS's can be dangerous and judging from your post, it doesn't sound like you've done much research. I'm not trying to sound like a dick, I just don't want you to screw your self up. Research, Research!!

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    follow this link bro. we just addressed this issue a few post down.

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    Welcome to AR...

    All I can say is that read what you can cause these guys definately know what they're talking about.

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