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    10 week sus cycle

    Hi everyone! this is my first time on Anabolic Review, this site is by far one the best.

    I am currently three weeks into my sus cycle, I am using the information from the section "cycle for the novice" its a 10 week course.On the forth week it states uping the dose to 500mg a week then back down to 250mg a week for the last three weeks. I have read that stacking it with deca would produce better results, instead of 500mg a week i was thinking of mixing 200mg of deca and 250mg of sus in the same barrel then going back down to normal sus250mg dose for last three weeks.

    Would this work? is it to late to introduce deca at this stage? if it is then would i be better off splitting the 500mg sus dose a week into two 250mg a week.


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    first, you don't need to pyramid. Run 500mg/week straight through, and yes, you need to give yourself twice a week injections. being your first cycle and the fact that you are already 3 weeks in I would leave the deca out. I would possibly throw in winny say weeks 9-12, and run clomid 8 hours after last injestion of winny.

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