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    Question which is better with deca:prop or enan?

    im going to be doing 400mg deca for weeks 1-10. now i am choosing between enanthate @ 600mg for weeks 1-10 or prop @ 100mg ED for weeks 1-10. which would be stacked better with the deca (and winny last 6 weeks of cycle)? or should i start with prop for 2 or 3 weeks and then switch to enanthate after that?

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    I would prefer prop b/c you can run it past the deca and with the winny at the end. I would run the prop from 1-13 and the winny from 8-13. OR stop the prop in 12 and keep the winny to 13 and you could start clomid therapy a couple days after you last dose of winny.

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    The prop is a short ester, the enanthate is a long ester. You could go with prop the frist 2-3 weeks with the deca and enan, then after your lat shot of enan go with the prop and winny up to colmid therapy, something like this.

    enan, deca and prop weeks 1-2or3
    deca weeks 2or3-10
    enan weeks 2or3-11
    winny weeks 9-13
    prop weeks 12-13
    colmid weeks 14-16

    on the doses that is up to you, I'm sure there will be more input.


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