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Thread: Mag 10

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    Mag 10

    Ive heard about this legel steroid called mag 10
    on the site that makes the product this is how it is described

    Produces real steroid-like gains through the combination of A1E and 4-AD-EC — the premier Class I and Class-II androgens.
    Covers all the anabolic bases, achieving optimal muscle-mass gains, without estrogen or DHT side effects.
    Is 100% efficient at converting into active, anabolic compounds.
    Maintains an active life of more than 24 hours from one single dose.
    Provides an advanced oral liquid delivery system, thereby increasing absorption efficiency over any other compound on the market (to the point of "no contest!").

    has anyone heard anything about this product.

    Supposedly you will gain 20 lbs with it with little to no side effects.

    Please let me know anything you know about this


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    The claim is bunk...there is no such thing as a legal steroid . If it were a steroid they would not claim "steroid LIKE results".

    I'm not familiar with Mag least not enough to recommend it, but it sure as hell is not an AAS.

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    I owuld have to agree that it is Horseshit. It is a waste of money in my opinion. I have tried and i could not even fathom paying 100 dollars for a 10 day supply or however much it cost. Did not see anything in gains that warrented the unreal cost which is to cover all the publicity hype. Dont waste your time or money. "steriod -like gains" = basicaly crap
    i would def wait until more research is done and others have wasted thier money and posted thier results if you are still thinking about it. Be wise. It is also extremely messy. You have to pour it into the cap and then drink it. This ultimatley leads to alot dripping down the side and a good amount remaining in the cap. Not a good investment right now. Just my 2 cents however.

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