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Thread: Why?

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    I have a question kind of related to steroids . When I look at the members pictures of people that seem nowhere near their potential. Why don't they wait until they have reached their genetic potential before they start using gear? It seems that you would get more out of using steroids if you used them once your muscles were mature and you could not grow any more without them. I am just curious as to your reasons.
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    welcome to the board..

    people do it for all diff reasons, i guess the main reason is... they are impatient.. wanna get big quick :]

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    I agree with JMD and also i think some people really believe they've reached their potential when in fact they might just have a bad diet/training program that's limiting their gains.

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    no need to put the bit in there about yourself, If you are asking a question without trying to blow your own trumpet then thats cool. I am sure thinking about it its easy to sus out everyone is individual and different so people do it for many reasons mainly being they want to get bigger quicker as the bro above stated. Reasons of low self worth and poor body image phycological problems probably lie well in there for reasons for starting steroids not that most would admit to it. Persoanlly I was nowhere near my potential I think although I was big when I started, just that I was really fat lost all my weight and wanted to stretch into my skin as I couldnt get it to shrink thats what got me on the AAS trail.


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    I think some just look for the "magic pill" or they just want to get farther down that road quicker than normal.

    Personally i havent started AAS yet, quite honestly because i do not know enough. If i have learned anything from AR its WAIT and READ.

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