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    PLEASE HELP ME!!!!Cycle question

    K everyone this is my first post and i really need your guys help. Ok this is going to be my first cycle, i have done all the reading i can do and i've finally got my stuff. I'm about 205 now and i am looking to put on as much weight as possible i know about the eating and everything i just need your guys help to make the most out of the goods i have cause i'm not sure how to most efficiently use them.
    I have got 200 dballs
    and two 5 ml bottles of testonon 250
    and a 10 ml bottle of deca 300mg per ml
    the stuff is from ttokkyo labs except for the dianabol

    I have an idea of how i am going to take everything but i'd like to hear some advice from you guys

    all help is very much appreciated-----

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    1st get clomid and nolvadex or liquidex or even arimidex . Then do this...

    Weeks 1-4: DBol 35mg ED
    Weeks 1-10: Testenon 250mg a week
    Weeks 1-10: Deca 300mg a week

    in my opinion get 2 more testenon so you can run 500mg a week but for what you have the cycle I posted is the best way to go.

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    good advise from the tank, i highly recomend using 500mg, 250mg is barely enough to suppress the natural production of test


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