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Thread: Clomid Acne

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    Clomid Acne

    I'm 11 days into Clomid, and have been acne free on a SUST/DECA /DBOL cycle, until now.

    I have acne coming in something fierce on my chest. Not my face, or back, but ONLY my chest.

    I'm just thankful it's only on my chest!

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    I'm in here with the rest of YOU!
    I had the same prob with omna!
    I didnt get acne till I came off my cycle!
    IMO it was from the gear!
    I noticed my skin got oily!
    I started talking pantothenic acid (vit b5) 1000Mg ED!
    I also got some acne scrub, but I had better luck with plain old rubbing alcohol! (I dont suggest if you have dry skin!)
    I Cleared up fine!

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    6ft. away...but you can't
    I is probably not from the clomid, it is probably from the abundance of estrogen vs. test that you have now in your body. Get some accutane or retin-A if you can.

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    I would agree with King Samson

    Acne usually comes after a cycle is done. Not from the Clomid.
    Due to the high test vs. est levels in the body.

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