I've already run this by the guys at ******, but a 2nd opinion never hurt anyone. For some background, I just came off of an 18wk contest cycle. I went from 262lbs@20% to 202@5-6%. I'm taking 8-10wks off, and then I want to start putting the pounds back on (I want to try and hit 280-290 over the next year and a half). Anyway, I'm just throwing this out there to try and get some ideas even though the start of this is still a ways off. Here's what I had in mind

Wks 1-2
Enanthate 2gm/wk
QV EQ 1200mg/wk
Dbol 75mg/day

wks 3-16
Enanthate 750-900mg/wk (using ICNs, and w/ their tendency to be overfilled, dosages will vary somewhat)
EQ 600mg/wk
dbol 25mg/day

wks 1-?
GH 3iu/day, 6on, 1off

wks 1-16
slin--Humalin R
starting @ 3iu's, 2x/day, ED for the first 2wks, working up to 10iu 2x/day.
After that, just taking it 2x/wk on high carb days, 10iu's, 3x/day.

I'm also going to run arimidex or liquidex @ .5mg/day all the way thru clomid therapy.

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