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    Getting pissed at the little things

    Ive been on juice for a little over a year and about to end a anadrol cycle. Im noticing im getting pissed off about little things. Like tonite, Im watching the Lakers-Kings game and im a huge lakers fan and when they would commit a bullshit foul i would get so pissed of that i could feel my heart rate go up. Ive been doing this for the past month now and really dont have a rage problem. I just get pissed at the little things and im ready to kill somebody. I just wished i could get this mad at the gym instead of watching tv or somebody cutting me off when im driving. Anybody the same way? And why do you think this could be happening. Like i said, ive never had a anger problem.

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    Just anadrol ? Damn, thats a bad decision if its true. I hope you have a lot of cycle experience because thats a rough choice for a newbie.

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    1,232 bad, The next time you get really mad just remember that its the gear and take a cupple of deep breaths and calm your self down before you do something that you'll regret

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    Maybe you have just been working out really hard and are more tired than you realize. I get that way if I dont get enough sleep or if I am over training. I dont think its related to the gear at all. If anything the gear I have found in the last month has made me feel better and calm.

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    I don't know if it's the gear or not, but I'm always pissed off when I get cut off, and who wouldn't get pissed off at a bad call when watching sports, especially in the playoffs?

    I wanted to kill the damn refs because of the stupid call in the B-Ball game aswell, will I though, obviously not. It's just rooting for your team, who hasn't ever called a ref an idiot or something along that line?

    Plus who likes to get cut off? Not me, I would love to strangle those ppl out.

    Anyways good luck with the anger, take the advice by popa and just take a few deep breaths.

    And when your at the gym, just think about the things that got your all pissed off and then let out your anger.

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    Wanna talk about pissed? Shit mn I was about to tear my friends head off when the Christie missed that 3

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