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    7 weeks ago a friend and I
    started using steroids .
    (tokkyo deca ) 300mg a week
    (test. cyp) 100 a week - Did not gain a pound from this at all. balls didnt
    shrink nothing, waste of money.
    (test. prop) 200 a week - Used this after I finished the cyp. Didnt gain one
    pound again.

    This was very mind boggling to me. I had used 20cc of test and not a one pound gain. Last week I got some (testonlet) from a friend, I shot 200mg's "I gained 5lbs last week!" Can you explain that? 20cc do dick all but 200mg of testolent gain me 5 pounds.

    I was very pissed off at my wasted money and no strenght or weight gain. Thats why I am going to stay on the Testolent I started last week at 100mg a week every monday, and now I am starting Omnadren 250 every week on monday. This will get me the gains that I never got before. I realize that this will be a long cycle, but I justify this because I got no gains from the other stuff I was using. What do you all think?

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    mate, it was a very small dosage of test. i wouldnt even bother using omndren unless your gonna jab it more then once a week. did you even plan your cycle mate dosnt sound like it (no flame intended) i would say u need atleast 500mg of test a week to get anykind of gains, which should either be frontloaded or stacked with an oral such as dbol . when u did the test prop how many times a week did you inject, it should be ed or eod to get anyresults. imo i would finish up the cycle now with clomid and wait till youve planned something out.
    week 1-4 35mg of dbol
    week 1-8 300mg deca
    week1-8 500mg test
    clomd start week 11.

    remember steriods on there own wont make you grow, u gotta add sleep, quality food and lots of it, high protein and carbs and a pucker training program.

    hope this helps

    t man

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    ok, first of all dont post the same EXACT question twice. if you are not getting replies just bump it back up to the top, or maybe follow ajax's post on how to get a question answered. anyway, i have to ask how your diet and training are because after 7 weeks you should have made gains from the deca alone. next, IMO cyp should be run no lower than 200mg a week which i feel is the bare minimum (400 would be an optimal dose). also, prop needs to be injected every day (or at least every other day) at a dose between 50-100mg. all this being said, i would suggest coming off this cycle (with clomid of course), give your body time to recover, do lots more research and when you have a solid cycle along with a solid diet and training routine, then start over.

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    You obviously didn't do enough research before starting!! Hopefully you'll learn from your mistake and spend some time studying before shooting things you know very little about!

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    Hopefully you'll learn from your mistake and spend some time studying before shooting things you know very little about!
    ouch !!!!!! 9 1 1

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    Sounds like you started a cycling knowing nothing about gear, let me guess you started working out 2 months ago too.

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