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    Cutting While on Sust/Deca?

    Well I've gotten pretty big on this Sust/Deca cycle Im on and Ive got about 4 weeks left before I start dropping the Clomid (2 shots then 3 weeks)

    Is it a good idea to cut while on this cycle? I mean, it's sort of a bulking cycle but like I said, I've happy with the gains so far so i want to drop the calorie intake and bump up the reps and cardo etc. My cutting results gunna be tampered becuz of the cycle Im on.... or is it good to go? ThXx

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    I'd wait and cut with your next cycle. Spend your time concentrating on keeping what you have and diet will be very important. Sust/Deca isn't exactly the greatest cutting cycle. Look at Eq/Winny to cut.

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