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    ANOTHER Fina question ---

    I have had my batch of FINA sitting in a cool dark place for over a week now. I just checked on it for the first time in 4-5 days, and have noticed some settling. It is still cloudy, yet at the bottom of the vial, there is some amber colored tinny little balls, just some collection of amber colored matter. WHen I swirled the vial, the amber color just swirled around with the other oil....

    Normal? And, to answer the most common question, yes, I followed EVERY step and did it correctly.

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    LOL, my last batch did the same thing. I didn't have any problems with it though. Just a dark swirl of "stuff", I'm guessing that it was some glue or binders that were left. No problems though for me. If it seems to be "growing" I would be concerned! LOL:-)


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    Happens all the time bro. Its still good.

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    That's common bro, i have the same thing in mine and was told not to worry about it...

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    me too bro, no worries. can't wait to use it... except i was just reading about gyno surgery on one of these boards from someone who could use test all day but fina and deca gave him crazy gyno. i am running winny with it (which it has been said to help), but i will have to see i guess. i'm excited

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