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    Jun 2002

    I got some STEN!!! i need info on cycling it!

    I just got back from mexico and i bought 10 boxes of STEN for 2$ a pop. each box has 2 amps in it... each amp has 2ml in it containg 75mg of cyp, 25mg of prop and 20mg of dhea. i got 20 should i cycle it using all the amps i have??????/

    thanks Bros

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    i got the same shit in mexico during spring break last year . pretty cheap .never took it though, would get me bloated got rid of it if you know what i mean.

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    that stuff is weak bro u need like three -4 ampsatleast a week . so therefore u dnt even have enough.i took it once looooong time ago when threre was a drought in the area, i was taking like five a week i cant remeberr i know it was alot of poking.the gains weredecent

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    LOL...You went all the way to mexico and of all the roids available you brought back Sten?

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    try to get a bottle or 2 of test with it and take 1 or 2 ccs test per week for 10 weeks and 2 sten per week for 10 weeks

    i agree with these guys you need like 4 per week--sten is real good for strength and some size if take enough--its very thin and runs out of injection site--i think its in primrose oil as a base

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    if this is your first cycle youll prolly love it, ... but by cycle #3 or 4 your prolly gonna wish you took these guys advise and not do it(not so much not do it but not do it alone), ... if this isn't your first cycle then you should have found this board a long time ago haha

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    send it to me

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    bro you just wasted about $40 box not bad good
    deal bro but dont even waist your time doing it like the boys r saying get something else the shit is weak man, i did a cycle using sten by schering the shit suck i didnt get shit later.......

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