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    Question Mid Summer Cycle

    This week I am going to start a cycle of : T-400 and 300mg deca every 5th day and 10mg dbol tabs 2 a day. Also have access to 20 shot bottle of winny. I am 5'11 215lb , 5th cycle. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT U THINK. Peace,

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    i think you should up the dbol to 3-4 or even 5 a day
    about the winny if you start that when done with deca you can jump on clomid 2 days out.i would run prop with the winny for those 3 wks

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    newbie here,why only 20mg ed of dbol ? if it's your 5th cycle.I dont see where 20mg of dbol will do much for you? again Im a newbie and just wondering why? no flame bro

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    i agree with 4 plates and ice cold you need more dbol at least 3 per day if not more also i would do 1/2 cc t400 with1/2 cc deca 2x per week to keep blood levels equal. go ahead with winny for end
    this is a light cycle for #5 so you should be ok

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