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    mary jane and roids

    Guys-What does weed do to you while on a cycle. I get really hungry so I thought it a good idea to smoke up. Then I can eat even more food. Does it enterfere with anything or cause problems with testosterone ?

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    your going to hear alot of varying arguments on this issue, do a search, this topic has been brought up many of times.

    go here>>

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    We don't know absolutely for sure exactly what THC and cannibinol do in the body. Thanks to politics we'll probably never know. What we do know is that it does reduce the productivity of your testicles leading to a decrease in spermatogenesis possibly to the level of being infertile. We also know it lowers your blood sugar - hence "the munchies".

    Since you're directly increasing your testosterone levels by artificial means, which will lower your natural testosterone production due to the suppression of the hypothalamophysial testicular axis anyway, it may be inconsequential that smoking pot also lowers your testosterone levels. But that cannot be stated with certainty.

    When I took my first cycle this winter/spring I was so damn hungry all the time - I didn't need anything to help out. If I were smoking that crap nowadays i'd never make it to the gym. There is no way in hell I would smoke it just to get more of an appetite. Try Equipoise instead.

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    Its all up to the user. In my opinion it will not hurt your cycle. But it is not good for your overall health. Lets face it smoking anything isnt going to help your lifting along. It also tends to make you lazier for the day.

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