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    I went to the doctor because I was sick and.....

    I went to the doctor because I was sick so they took some blood work. This was a week before I started my cycle. And at that time I never did a cycle before. So they called back today and told me I had extra enzymes in my liver that were showing up. They then asked if I did drugs which I'venever done and asked if I drank a lot which I'd say I drank twice a week in college. But I havent drank in 2 months because I was starting my cycle. Will the sust that I'm taking add more enzymes to my liver? Should stop my cycle? What should I do?

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    I would have another test done in a few weeks, also have them test for Hep ABC~ and run a test for Iron.

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    injectables dont put near the stress on the liver as orals
    i have blood drawn 2x per year to keep a watch on insides--the time before last my liver values were a little up but my last 1 they were within normal ranges--i stopped dbol and took milk thistle
    so they can recover

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