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Thread: Sten Problemo

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    Sten Problemo

    I can only get a 8 week cycle of Sten, and from what ive read in previous posts, sten by its self isn't great. Im looking for some suggestions on how i will be able to utalize this best. Right now this is the only AS i can get my hands on, and yes ive tried doing some research but there isn't much on this topic....any help would be awesome, thanks bros


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    fisrt what r your goals bro?

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    1) You are too young!

    2) You are obviously too impatient!

    3) It's pretty obvious that if you're gonna do this anyway, you should at least wait until you have enough $$$ to put together a decent stack. You've already conceded that sten alone is not a great idea, and yet you still want to do it? That alone proves that you are too impetuous and should wait a year or so before starting.

    Sorry to be blunt bro, but that's my opinion.

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