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    tribolone,drive,stanazol..HOW DO YOU STACK

    Hi guys
    I have just purchased tribolone, drive and stanabolic and i was wondering how to stack these together, such as the frequency of the injections, amount, duration, etc.
    I would also like to know their properties such as their half life, whether they're fast acting or any other useful information.
    Should I be including a testosterone with the stack, if so I can get Sustanon .
    Please help

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    up an ass
    with a question like that you'll do well not to get some funny answers usually the way things work around here are people do some research for themselves and when the bros see you are trying they will help you out. When they see you just opened your wallet and bought all that without knowing what to do with it then all you are gonna get told is to do some research and you should plan your cycle before you buy it read the educational forum goood luck


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