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    TT DBOLS Dissolving ???????

    My friends are on them right now and im waiting for mine When they put the TT Dbols on their tongue they say that it dissolves away Is this bad?????? All of them have put on a good amount of weight and said they are getting the pumps that come with Dbols Do you think the stuff is legit??? Ever happen to anyone else???

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    yea i am on them now and they do dissolve pretty quick, i just swallow them like advil. as far as if they are legit if they are pink pentagons with a line on one side and a t on the other i would say they are real. I have gotten good results thus far i have been taking 40mg a day along with sus and eq.

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    Just like Testaprim says, if they have the look, the marks..they should be legit. He and I got them straight from the lab, so there is no doubt as far as ours go, so they are something perfect to judge from. If you have them in the original bottle, it should have a hologram on it

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    my TT's dissolved as soon as they touched my tongue..its normal =\

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