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    Fina Kits Vs. No fina Kit

    A friend of mine who is way more experinced with AS than me, was talking to me about fina kits a few days ago. He's a smart guy with the stuff, went to colledge on the university level in medical.

    While talking, we discussed the purpose of the drug, to be implanted.

    As most people know, there is much controversy over the kits, and loosing some of the tren out of the fina while converting it.

    He also brought up he noticed more effects of the drug when actually taken oraly, under the toung (main side effect, fina dick).

    He's thinking about simply crushing the fina, and injecting it with water to implant it in his body.

    Obviously the glues and binders are bad.

    But has anyone tried this?

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    G-S Guest
    I think he'd be nuts to do that.

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    and you said he went to med school?

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    Hell why don't you tell him to throw some crack into the mix as well.

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    Nooooo!!! Thats a terrible idea. Thats even worse than transdermal.

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    I think there's a high potential that it could lead to an abcess. I wouldn't go that route.

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    Fina kits are desigend to extract the maximum of the trenbolone acetate and give you a sterile injectabel solution. Your friend's idea sounds scarily unsterile.

    If he is getting reduced side-effects from sub-lingual ingestion (under the tounge), it's probably doe to very little of the drug getting into his blood. If you don't get the tren into yur body, of course you will avoid fina-dick!

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    Well all finplix pellets are is trenbolone acetate, yellow dye, and methyl cellulose (plant fibers) pressurized tightly together. There is no glue but you should remember that these are impanted just before the slaughter so nobody cares about any possible health risks in cows. There shouldn't be anything there that should cause any harm, but who really knows. Those that have injected some methyl cellulose that escaped filtering said it hurt pretty bad. The trenbolone acetate isn't water soluble and I don't know what gauge needle he'll need but it just doesn't seem worth it to me. Fina is so cheap who cares if you lose some in the conversion process?

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    i'll second that last comment SEEKER!.....that guy went to med school? I'm a college student myself....i KNOW better than that to do something outrageous like that!....maybe i should go to med : )

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