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Thread: help stacking

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    Question help stacking

    o.k. bare with me, this is going to be my third cycle, i am 6"4, 180 pounds,6% bf,and 24 years old.i am looking to put on about 15 solid pounds. i just bought 20 amps of the russian cyctahoh's,and i also have a shit load of deca -durabolin [ORGANON].. but here is the problem, i was planning on doing a 8 week cycle of deca 400 mg/wk, i am currently on my 2 wk.. but then i came across these cyctahohs, and want to know if it is to late to start. i was wondering how i would stack it and for how many weeks i should run the cyctahoh.. thanx

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    Of course it would be better to start the Russian Sustanon (cyctahoh)with the deca , but it's not too late. Sustanon has short-chain, fast-acting esters in it that release into the system quickly.

    Start the Sustanon now. 500mg/weeks (2 injects per week). Mix it with the deca when you inject it; Sustanon has a lot of alcohol and has a bit of a 'sting' to it, diluting it with Deca will cut the sting.

    Consider running the Deca for 10 weeks, that way you will get more of a full effect from the Sustanon by running it 8 weeks.

    Clomid 3 weeks after your last injection.

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    u can do 750 per week weeks 1 and 2 to frontload it get it into ur system quicker


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