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    stacking EQ and decca

    im plannin on stacking eq and deca with test. and alot of poeple tell me eq and deca in same cycle is pointless. i know that they are the same in a lot of ways but isnt it logical that if i add deca i will gain more weight then if i was to not use it at all? im just throwin it in to make a few cheap gains. should i keep it or drop it?

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    keep it in bro im confident you will do well with that, its just old wives tale that everyone repeats "they compete for the same receptor" and so on. The work in a similar way but so do alot of roids all juice competes for the AR so if that was the case to me its like saying pointless taking test with deca cos they compete for the same receptor. They have diffenent functions and work in different ways therefore I would say yes they go together ok


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    Several good guys over on EF swear they had their best cycle ever stacking deca and eq.

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