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    test cyp, how long?

    How long does it take for test cyp to kick in, and what about enthenate?

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    2 1/2 to 3 weeks ,bro ita a long acting ester.

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    We don't talk about results until the 4th week of test.

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    There are actually two ways to answer that question.

    The first is that test will have its long-term effects in two to three weeks. This is the case with both enanthate and cypionate , which have only one different link on the chemical chain between them and are functionally the same.

    The other answer is that you may feel the effects of test within two days when a dose peaks; the dose then ebbs over the next 7-14 days, depending on the individual. (See the graphic for an example.) Hence, when it comes to enanthate and cyp, we use the term peak-and-valley effect. If you combine a test cycle with a good workout routine, you should start gaining the benefits immediately.
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    hey thats a pretty sweet chart, TNT

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    I'm on a Cyp only cycle now. It kicked in at the end of week 3. You're gonna like it when it kicks in. I'm on a low dose cycle--if this is what it's like at 250mg per week, then I can't imagine what I'd be like on some of the doses I've heard (500mg, 600mg per week) I wouldn't be able to get into the gym--I'd be nailing anything that moved all day and all night. (I'm glad I live in a city--far away from the farms).

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