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    Question 2nd Cycle Questions


    How does this look for a second cycle. Current Stats:

    33 yrs old
    190 lbs @ 5'11
    Training 4yrs.
    Cycle Hist. Light Oral 7lb gain. Kept.

    I am not competing just trying to put on some LM,
    Additionally, is the HCG enough or do I need Clomid as well?

    week of cycle SUSTANON250 mg amp ANADROL50mg tab HCG 5000I.U.
    1 1 amp/week 1 tab/day
    2 1 amp/week 1 tab/day
    3 1 amp/week 1 tab/day
    4 1 amp/week
    5 1 amp/week
    6 2 amps/week
    7 1 amp/week 1 tab/day
    8 1 amp/week 1 tab/day
    9 2 amps/week 1 tab/day
    10 1 amp/week
    11 1 amp/week
    12 1 amp/week
    13 1 amp/week


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    I don't understand upping and lowering the sus as you have it there bro, I would keep it at 500mg/week all the way through 10-12 weeks, the anadrol IMO is too harsh for you with your limited experience. Get some dbol and run 25-35mg/d for the first 4-6 weeks. And the usual make sure you have nolva on hand or preferably run arimidex throughout and make sure you have atleast 30 tabs of clomid for post cycle.

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    Thanks. Bro

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    Just so you are not suprised you are not going to put any lean muscle on with that cycle. You are gonna get alot of muscle but you wil be very bloated. Why does everyone use Anadrol around here, that shit is not good for you at all. It is way more harsh then D-bol. Trust me on that one. Also keep your test consistant throughout the whole cycle.
    Peace out

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    With sus and anadrol you'll gain a lot of mass but you'll be full of water bro!!!
    I agree with tuff,anadrol is a hard should use D-bol instead of anadrol and maybe add deca if your goal is to gain mass,add arimidex to avoid the "bloated body" due to the D-bol...
    If it's lean mass you want you should try fina+winny...
    and don't forget clomid 3 weeks after the last test shot

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