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    hard to breath. any suggestion???

    when i walk up stairs i am out of breath for the next 5 min, it sux. sometimes when i walk out to my car, i run out of breath. i do cardio 20 min/day after each workout, so i feel that i am in good cardio health. i am running eq-500/week and enanthate 600/week. what can i do to help me out?

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    I am running almost the exact cycle...the out of breath thing is nothing man, but in my opinion if walking up stairs brings you to your knees then maybe your cardio isnt what you thought it was. I cut out cardio entirely with this cycle due to the fact that it is categorized as a bulking cycle, so I havent done cardio hard in 2 months, and I dont lose breah, but hey to each his own....good luck.

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    you could have high blood pressure witch is causing you to lose your breath. imo

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    it could be several things bro....
    1- are you holding alot of extra water.....any anti-aromatizers in use..
    2- like said earlier, bp could be going up. do you get light headed...
    3- may be a reaction to the gear or something in the gear, could even be the type of oil they used.

    people see this alot with things like d-bol, but i've seen it with test products as well....
    i dont really know your history, so im not sure of your past use....ever happen before..

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    I would get checked by a doctor. You can never be to careful

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