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    Need info on mexican gear

    I need to know more about these two products as they were not what I was expecting.

    Deca Durabolin label reads from top to bottom:
    Anabolico Esteroide
    Nandrolona 300 L.A.
    (uso veterinario and picture of dog-obviously veteranarian)
    contenido neto 10ml

    On the side:
    Decanoato de Nandrolona 300mg.
    Vehiculo oleoso esteril c.b.p. 1ml. (what is this?)

    If I understand this correctly there is 300mg of deca per 1ml-does that sound right?

    Dianobal label reads:
    Anabolico Esteroide
    contenido neto 1000 tabletas (not the amount I got of course)
    methandienone 10mg.
    (other stuff not important)

    I know where the products originated because their is a website on the label. If anyone knows anything extra about these products please post it or email me.

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    The deca 300 is put out by Ttokkyo it is suppossed to be 300mg/ml.
    The reason that I say suppossed is because there is a lot of talk about it being underdosed.

    The orals I believe are also Ttokkyo although I have never personally had any exposure to this product.

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    the tabs are also Ttokkyo 10mg pinks..they have worked great for me..

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    if they are legit ttokyo products, they are good.

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