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Thread: cycle help

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    Question cycle help

    I have finally stacked up my supply for my next cycle. i have got
    deca 100mg/ml
    sustanon 250
    winstrol tabs
    proviron , nolvadex , clomid and HCG .

    can u guys help me out in making an effective cycle for mass.
    plus the supply is plentiful so there is no limit here.

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    put one together first make an effort and then I will critique it for you, others may be more gracious. One pointer drop the abombs b/c it is apparent you are a novice at gear use.

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    This cycle is posted all over the place but here you go:

    500mg sus per week, 400mg of deca per week and 30-40mg of d-ball per day for weeks 1-4 or 1-6 depends on how comfortable you are running it longer, save the a50 for later on, use the clomid coming off, you could use provron last 6 weeks or so does seem to harden ppl up and keeps water rentention down as well, but again not probably needed. I also don't think HCG is any good post cycle, use it about 1/2 way through if your doing long cycle, don't need it if your doing typical 8 week cycle. oops didn't see the winny save it too for when you use the a50's or want to cut.

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    Thumbs up thankx

    Thanks man

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