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    Please fit the Winny in here for me

    I've noticed that a lot of cycles that use Winny use them in the last part of the cycle. Why is this ? I know this is kind of a basic question.

    I may have access to Winny tabs and may want to incorporate them into my next cycle.

    Weeks 1-10 400\Test Cyp
    Weeks 1-8 300 Deca

    Where does the Winny go ?

    I am only gonna run the deca till week 8 because the last time I tried to run it 10 weeks it affected my *ahem* sexual performance even with the Test, It just wasn't the same !

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    It basically helps to harden up what mass one puts on.

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    I think that near the end of the cycly you'll be gaining a lot of weight, which can also be fat too, so the winny could help a little bit with the fat loss too.

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    Week 7-12, 50 mg ed or eod

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