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    Exclamation T400, Deca 300, D-Bols

    heres my question, i want to undergo a pure bulking cycle, now i have researched and have this stuff on hand from my supplier, just didnt buy it yet

    20cc's t400
    20cc's t200
    20cc's testoviron 250
    20cc's sust 250
    20cc's deca 300mg
    200 dbol (BOUGHT ALREADY)
    100 clen
    20cc's trenbolin

    i was thinking of this cycle

    2 cc's t400 800mg week 1-10
    2 amps trenbolin 304mg week 1-10
    dbol 30-40mg per day

    what ya think...

    by the way i am 145lbs 5'7, this is my second cycle 2 year working out on and off, 1 year on straight stopped cuz of accident, now 2 months straight.

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    G-S Guest
    I think you are seriously over doing it for a guy who weighs 145 lbs. For your size, you'd make nice gains off of 400 mg of t200, 300 mg of deca a week, mixed in with 25mg of DBOL .

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    i agree with GS
    for your size 400-600mg week test with the 300deca and 25mg day dbol would be plenty. i would also agree to go with t200 instead of t400.less painful injections.

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